пї Tim. Life Interchanged.


Scientist | Product Manager

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I used to blow apart molecules with beams of electrons. Cool, right?

What does that have to do with creativity? I developed several brand spanking new chemistry testing methods to solve problems. That took the combination of past experience, researching new techniques, and just plain old creative thinking to come up with solutions.

Sometimes creative solutions are off-the wall, and plain bizarre. Other times, they are the result of the combination of old and new.


In addition to my scientific background, I earned my MBA from Case Western Reserve University. The focus of my study was on strategy and marketing. What does that mean? It means I can spreadsheet nearly anything.

Sometimes Analytical = Pivot Table. Perhaps, at times, some regression thrown in for fun. More often than not, though, what is really needed is an objective and reasonable interpretation of what's going on with the numbers. I can work with you in framing your problem; identify what it is we need to do, how we will do it, and what we learned from doing it.



Check out my resume (pdf).

Here are a few projects I have worked on. These include product design and prototyping, interaction design, ethnographic research, and traditional primary and secondary marketing research.

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